How to Avoid Injury When Training For A Running Event/ Marathon

There is so much information out there about what you should & shouldn’t be doing when training for an event. At TurnAround Therapy we advice all our clients to PREVENT injury. This means putting effort into your body when your not running to prevent common injures from occurring.



There is huge power in stretching & if done correctly will prevent delayed muscles soreness & prevent Injury. I advice clients to focus on the big muscles of the leg that are working to drive you forward. If these are not properly cooled down then the muscles can become hypertonic & painful.



As part of your routine you also want to be releasing the muscles at least twice a week using massage balls & foam rollers. Again focusing on the big muscles of the leg that are working the hardest during your training, releasing them with an appropriate tool for the muscle size.


After Your Event

After an event you want to speed recovery as much as possible to get you back to being you! The major thing to consider when recovering is increasing blood flow as blood contains all the nutrients needed to heal the body. The more blood you can get to your muscles the quicker your going to get back to normal.

To get blood to the muscles in the leg I advice clients to get a Sports Massage. Or Alternatively you can use a foam roller at home following the video below. With the roller you want to use a much lighter approach than you would when you were training. You what the focus of the roller to be going upwards, sending the blood flow to the heart.


If your already suffering from a specific Injury due to your training have a read of some of our blogs below which will give you more specific advice. If you still have questions you can email lily on

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